Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lesson in life

Lesson in life -
A lesson which every father should let their sons know when they come of age and world would be such a beautiful and peacrful place

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I wish plundering was my simple were the Viking times....all you had to do is plunder, spread terror, drink and dine. You ask why this sudden fascination with Vikings, well I am hooked onto this new series on history channel called "Vikings (TV Series)" revolves around this Viking chieftain who goes by the name Ragnar Lodbrok and so on so forth. I always picturised Vikings to be big, burly, insanely strong and "pretty sophisticated" (sarcasm hence the quotes)....although they did live up to my reputation in the series what I really like about it is its cinematography, an interesting storyline so would not be fair to compare this with Spartacus (as the latter has more of sex, gore and my words "all that a man desires from his show") but in its own league I think this series would do a pretty decent job. Some interesting characters in it, and so far the plots getting pretty thick, sometimes its a little bit predictable ; then again after watching zillion (and i ain't kidding) of Teli series I am sure I have learnt a thing or two. Al in all I would recommended this to others, only three episodes out so far. #

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A friend, a talented stylist and now Teli sensation.

I have known Aalim for nine years now....I have seen him flourish and climb the ladder year after year (rightly deserved ). Yes people think of his as a celebrity, and it does not surprise me when they do so. However I have a very different impression of Aalim in my head. Hes someone that I would describe as very passionate about his work very dedicated and a perfectionist. I have got haircuts from him multiple number of times and its always been a really superb job. Apart from the hair cutting what allures me to his salon over the years is his hospitality and warmth. He will make you feel at the top of the world with his infamous welcoming  smirk on his face and goddamn those iced teas, I would spend an eternity drinking them if I

So with the same pride a father or a dear friend has when they get to see the results of their son's or friends success being aired on television, I was beaming as I sat down in front of the teli with my mother to watch Aalim's very own show on TLC. Amidst all the hoot hoot and the buzz I noticed hes lost weight which I have conveyed to him splendid show. What I think is that this show would be really helpful to all those aspiring stylist to get a jest of how its done by the professional plus it will be an eye opener to the majority of our population of who Aalim truly is. The first episodes done and we are going to eagerly wait for the second. I would recommend all to watch it ..the repeats would be on..Sunday 10pm...Monday 4pm....Thursday 12:30 am.
And now the little bit of Bollywood in me because of the city I live in, my melodrama kicks in : With a tearful eye (because of the happiness and the pride of seeing such a talented young  man reaching the heights he deserves to reach)..and emotions galore...i bid farewell to thee.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Soul searching walk..

Well I am sure you must have heard about it or seen in the movies where the lead would go on a soul searching walk through the city with a quaint music playing in the background and him/her covering a distance of maybe 10 miles in a matter of 45 seconds...and at the end of it they are always soo refreshed and wise and can see the truth clearly.
So all impressed , I set off for my soul searching walk today. Unfortunately I didn't consider the following:
1. Arse biting heat. Suddenly Mumbai has decided to show teaser to Mumbaikars about the much dreaded summer which is yet to come, and during afternoon we get to experience the "wrath of sun"...not to mention Fat men do sweat a lot...A LOT.
2. Pollution. As id the heat wasn't enough  at every frequent intervals I could either see people burning in heap..dead tree leaves and twigs .....(since they decided this was the perfect time to trim the trees on the street as we need less shade)..or I would be subjected to the blinding fumes of our infamous local transport vehicles.
3. NOISE. From car horns to hawkers to people (shouting on their phone to make a point or rather win "who gets to damage whose ear drum first" )..I realised one thing our city's LOUD. Tried putting my headphones which didnt do much. I am sure no matter how much Bose advertises that they are the king in noise cancellation headphones, Mumbai traffic noise will give em a run for their money.
 Hence by the end of it, I don;t know what good came out of it but I certainly know one thing for sure...if I need to do a soul searching walk again...I need to be at the right place at the right time in the right weather, otherwise it will bring me more harm than happiness.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Procrastination is my worst enemy.

I have been known to procrastinate...but of late its on a whole new level al together...I need to be abundantly motivated and get out of this rut and I sure as hell want ..I mean the desires there but what lacks is the the million dollar question is how?.....what needs to be done?..I mean I get all hyperactive about something will follow it for an hour and then start procrastinsing thing for sure I guess I Do need to bring certain changes in my life in my daily routine to see some sort of positive we all know whats todays date...maybe this time since I have publically humilated myself..lets see if it

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The much anticipated launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV...

Although the new phone is being launched by the Korean giant phone company but they recently released an ad kn anticipation of how the phone will be...sad part..the phone is nowhere to be seen in the ad and it is filled with everything lemme paste a link..have a couldnt have been described better than this..haha..

A reason for orgasm..

Ann Summers (@Ann_Summers) tweeted at 2:00 PM on Tue, Mar 05, 2013: #SEXFACTOFTHEDAY 3 orgasms a week can reduce your chances of getting heart disease by 50%! ( Get the official Twitter app at
Retweeting what I read on Ann Summer's post dedicated to all my mates who think sex is over rated...wink*