Friday, March 8, 2013

Soul searching walk..

Well I am sure you must have heard about it or seen in the movies where the lead would go on a soul searching walk through the city with a quaint music playing in the background and him/her covering a distance of maybe 10 miles in a matter of 45 seconds...and at the end of it they are always soo refreshed and wise and can see the truth clearly.
So all impressed , I set off for my soul searching walk today. Unfortunately I didn't consider the following:
1. Arse biting heat. Suddenly Mumbai has decided to show teaser to Mumbaikars about the much dreaded summer which is yet to come, and during afternoon we get to experience the "wrath of sun"...not to mention Fat men do sweat a lot...A LOT.
2. Pollution. As id the heat wasn't enough  at every frequent intervals I could either see people burning in heap..dead tree leaves and twigs .....(since they decided this was the perfect time to trim the trees on the street as we need less shade)..or I would be subjected to the blinding fumes of our infamous local transport vehicles.
3. NOISE. From car horns to hawkers to people (shouting on their phone to make a point or rather win "who gets to damage whose ear drum first" )..I realised one thing our city's LOUD. Tried putting my headphones which didnt do much. I am sure no matter how much Bose advertises that they are the king in noise cancellation headphones, Mumbai traffic noise will give em a run for their money.
 Hence by the end of it, I don;t know what good came out of it but I certainly know one thing for sure...if I need to do a soul searching walk again...I need to be at the right place at the right time in the right weather, otherwise it will bring me more harm than happiness.

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