Thursday, March 14, 2013


I wish plundering was my simple were the Viking times....all you had to do is plunder, spread terror, drink and dine. You ask why this sudden fascination with Vikings, well I am hooked onto this new series on history channel called "Vikings (TV Series)" revolves around this Viking chieftain who goes by the name Ragnar Lodbrok and so on so forth. I always picturised Vikings to be big, burly, insanely strong and "pretty sophisticated" (sarcasm hence the quotes)....although they did live up to my reputation in the series what I really like about it is its cinematography, an interesting storyline so would not be fair to compare this with Spartacus (as the latter has more of sex, gore and my words "all that a man desires from his show") but in its own league I think this series would do a pretty decent job. Some interesting characters in it, and so far the plots getting pretty thick, sometimes its a little bit predictable ; then again after watching zillion (and i ain't kidding) of Teli series I am sure I have learnt a thing or two. Al in all I would recommended this to others, only three episodes out so far. #

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