Saturday, March 9, 2013

A friend, a talented stylist and now Teli sensation.

I have known Aalim for nine years now....I have seen him flourish and climb the ladder year after year (rightly deserved ). Yes people think of his as a celebrity, and it does not surprise me when they do so. However I have a very different impression of Aalim in my head. Hes someone that I would describe as very passionate about his work very dedicated and a perfectionist. I have got haircuts from him multiple number of times and its always been a really superb job. Apart from the hair cutting what allures me to his salon over the years is his hospitality and warmth. He will make you feel at the top of the world with his infamous welcoming  smirk on his face and goddamn those iced teas, I would spend an eternity drinking them if I

So with the same pride a father or a dear friend has when they get to see the results of their son's or friends success being aired on television, I was beaming as I sat down in front of the teli with my mother to watch Aalim's very own show on TLC. Amidst all the hoot hoot and the buzz I noticed hes lost weight which I have conveyed to him splendid show. What I think is that this show would be really helpful to all those aspiring stylist to get a jest of how its done by the professional plus it will be an eye opener to the majority of our population of who Aalim truly is. The first episodes done and we are going to eagerly wait for the second. I would recommend all to watch it ..the repeats would be on..Sunday 10pm...Monday 4pm....Thursday 12:30 am.
And now the little bit of Bollywood in me because of the city I live in, my melodrama kicks in : With a tearful eye (because of the happiness and the pride of seeing such a talented young  man reaching the heights he deserves to reach)..and emotions galore...i bid farewell to thee.

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